Screenwriting Courses

We run Screenwriting Courses in both face-to-face and online formats.

Face-to-face Screenwriting Courses & Workshops

Cracking Story

Our flagship 2-day course can revolutionise your understanding of film & TV storytelling and inspire you to write emotionally powerful screenplays that resonate for international audiences. Learn more about Cracking Story.

Cracking Comedy with Tim Ferguson

A 2-day comedy writers’ workshop with the legendary Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All-Stars) and his sidekick, Allen Palmer. Learn more about Cracking Comedy

Online Screenwriting Courses

Cracking Story 2: Script Analysis

Deepen your understanding of screen storytelling over 5 weeks in a Virtual Classroom with the Story Maven as he explores the strengths and weaknesses of screenplays both produced and unproduced. Learn more about Cracking Story 2: Script Analysis

Cracking Story 3: Script Workshop

Develop a feature film or TV series over 10 weeks in a Virtual Writers’ Room under Allen’s guidance. Learn more about Cracking Story 3: Script Workshop

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