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The Story Maven, Allen Palmer, founder of global screenwriting hothouse, Cracking Yarns.Every month, Allen runs a FREE hour-long webinar to share precious insights into the craft of screenwriting.

What’s more, each Webinar is run twice:
1: Australia, NZ & Asia
2: Americas, Europe & Africa.

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Mar 23 – What do audiences want?

What do audiences want cinema audience_300







An exploration of the fundamental question that most screenwriting manuals overlook. 

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Upcoming Screenwriting Webinars

Apr 20 – 10 things Aristotle knew that most writers don’t
May 25 – Heart’s Passage: the Hero’s Emotional Journey
June 22 – 30 Questions to ask your script
July 27 – How to create great characters
Aug 17 – 5 tips to writing better scenes

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