Script Assessment

Want to get your Script Assessed? Want to find out what’s working and how it can be improved from someone with international industry experience? Want to be inspired to take the script to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Why get your script assessed here?

Getting feedback is absolutely vital if you want to improve your script and develop as a screenwriter. But you need to be careful who you listen to. Not all feedback is created equal.

Unhelpful feedback will consist of judgement, opinion, and prescriptive “suggestions”. There is too much of this kind of feedback dispensed by writers’ groups, producers and other script assessment services.

Helpful feedback will focus on exploring what it is you want to achieve with your story and providing responses on that basis. What inspired your story? What other films inspire you? We also want you to develop your understanding of story through getting this feedback so the consult is more like a screenwriting tutorial than just feedback on an individual draft. We want to teach you the questions that we ask of scripts so that you can begin to ask them of yourself.

It’s difficult to do that in a written report because you can’t ask the questions that need to be asked. So we don’t provide a written script assessment. We offer an interactive consultation – either in person or via an online chat session. Not only does this allow us to provide more relevant feedback, it also means that the session can be less about what’s not working in the script and more about helping you find your way towards solutions.

Ideally we’d also prefer to work with you BEFORE you’ve written the script while you’re still at concept or outline stage. But, if you’ve already written, by all means, let’s talk. And the sooner the better.

Here are our Script Assessment options:

Concept/Outline consult (max 3 page outline) – 60 mins – $297 AUD
Feature film screenplay (max 130 page script) – 90 mins – $697 AUD