Here is some feedback from people who’ve attended my Screenwriting Courses …

“You were fabulous and it was a stimulating and nourishing day”
Debra Oswald, Creator and Writer, Network 10’s hit, Offspring

“It was totally exhilarating, a real pleasure and I learned things I didn’t even know I needed to learn. ”
Claire Dobbin, Chair of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)

“I’ve been to a few screenwriting seminars with overseas teachers and Allen’s was much better” Mark H.

“Allen was awesome. He clearly knows his stuff. Created a good energy in class. Very giving. Very positive outlook. He knows structure inside out. Fantastic.”

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“I have a DVD of Vogler and Hauge’s presentation on the Hero’s Journey but I like Allen’s version better” Sherina B.

“Fostered a sharing atmosphere. Exceeded expectations on what I’d take away after 2 days. Obvious passion for subject created an exceptional experience for participants.” Geoff J.

“Allen was a great source of information. I enjoyed his openness and honesty about his experiences and appreciated his genuine goal of preparing us with as many tools as possible. I hope to take more of Allen’s classes as he is an accessible and encouraging lecturer who really knows what he is talking about” Emma B.

“Perfect course. Great introduction to screenwriting.” Linda B.

“Course had plenty of valuable content. Allen was an excellent teacher” Blaise C.

“Course was brilliant. Allen’s generosity and passion for writing and film made it a wonderful useful weekend.” Madeline S.

“Inspiring couple of days” Peter O.

“Great introduction to screenwriting from quality practitioner”

“Course is excellent and packed with good, wonderful useful helpful info for screenwriters” Susan Y.

“Excellent lecturer. Thoroughly enjoyed” Ross P.

“Thanks for a really great course over the weekend. It actually helped tremendously and I have already started rewriting the opening Act I of my script based on the principles outlined” Alexander K.

“Thank you so much for returning from o/s and bringing your knowledge to share with the industry in Oz. Loved the weekend, inspiring, encouraging and fun” Rachael O

“The structure of telling a story was very well presented. The presenter was engaging and very warm and supportive. Allen was great.” Chris M.

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“Really loved it”

“Good use of film clips to illustrate points” Trevor H.

“The course was brilliant”

“This was an incredibly informative course and was well presented. Allen is a fantastic teacher”. Natalie P.

“I really enjoyed the course and have been encouraged to continue my efforts. Thanks so much.” Linda H.

” I found the course absolutely fascinating and I feel inspired to write!” Dominic W.

“Really enjoyed the combination of Chris Vogler/Joseph Campbell’s approach and actually running through film examples to highlight the Hero’s Journey.”

“Everything really was excellent, affirming, insightful – really happy and so glad I came. Thank you for the class. Would love a screenwriting class for producers!” Jess M.

“Loved it – wish it was 3 times longer!” Suzanne B.

“Just wanted to drop a sincere thank you for the course. So great to get advice and words of wisdom from one who has done the hard yards. Once again, many thanks for structuring such a well rounded and informative course. My only regret is that it wasn’t longer and that I didn’t undertake it many years ago as I would have been saved lots of creative angst” Tony O.

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