Screenwriting Courses

We run Screenwriting Courses in both face-to-face and online formats.

Face-to-face Screenwriting Courses & Workshops

Cracking Story: Discovering the Emotional Key to the Heart of Screenwriting

Our flagship 2-day course can revolutionise your understanding of film & TV storytelling and inspire you to write emotionally powerful screenplays that resonate for international audiences. Learn more about Cracking Story.

Cracking Comedy with Tim Ferguson

A 2-day comedy writers’ workshop with the legendary Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All-Stars) and his sidekick, Allen Palmer. Learn more about Cracking Comedy

Online Screenwriting Courses

Story Coaching

Want to get your Script Assessed? Want to find out what’s working and how it can be improved from someone with international industry experience? Want to be guided and inspired to take the script to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. But here at Cracking Yarns we do it a little differently. We don’t call it Script Assessment. We call it Story Coaching. Learn more about Story Coaching offerings.

Cracking Story 2: Script Analysis

Deepen your understanding of screen storytelling over 5 weeks in a Virtual Classroom with the Story Maven as he explores the strengths and weaknesses of screenplays both produced and unproduced. Learn more about Cracking Story 2: Script Analysis

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